The Self Build - creating dream homes, on budget and on time.

What we offer.

The Self Build is a new project management & construction services company in the bespoke domestic construction market. Based in the Northern Home Counties we look to offer help to people wanting to influence the design, quality & budget of their own home, throughout Southern England.

How are we different to all the others?

It's a commonly accepted fact that most self builders want to be in control of their builds indeed many people building their own homes have connections in the construction industry and relish the challenge of managing their own project, but as with most things in life we can all benefit from a little help along the way. At The Self Build we genuinely appreciate these things and therefore allow you to decide what areas you need, or would perhaps benefit from, some professional guidance and work with you to provide a service tailored to your circumstances, to help you along the way. That said of course we can offer a full project management service ... you choose what works best for you and your family!

Why self build?

Probably the most common reason that people choose to build their own home is that they can't find a commercially built house that meets their requirements at a price with which they're comfortable. With self build homes you either adjust the specification to suit the budget, or adjust the budget to suit the specification ... either way you retain control; we simply help you achieve your dreams.

The second most common reason is probably that you can't find a home that meets your aspirations in a location with which you're comfortable, again self building brings a flexibility and options that are not always available from developers ... sites for one off houses particularly in rural areas are rarely commercially viable for the larger building companies. Niche builders offering bespoke houses on smaller developments can provide some options, but generally it's reflected in a much higher build cost. 

With our help, guidance and support you can get the home you want, in the area you want to live, at a cost unlikely to be matched by any other route.