The difference between the service we provide, and that which most project management companies offer; is that you make the rules!  

You tell us what help you're looking for & we'll give you a fee quote.

What I can promise, is that you will find our services competitively priced.

What you should find from using a project manager is that his or her input should be at least cost neutral ... and will often generate savings overall.

What you should also consider is that most architectural practices or project management companies base their own fees as a percentage of the cost of the build, (usually between 8 - 15%!). So if they save you money, they reduce their own fee ... where's their incentive to keep your costs down?

Remember too that a number of system manufacturers, (especially timber frame companies), will offer either a partial package build or in some cases a full build out. Many contractors have their own site managers and carry out their own QA work, whilst satisfying the authorities (Building Control) and meeting the demands of your warranty provider ... so once the work starts on site, you might need a lot less help than you would imagine. But wouldn't it be nice to know you have someone looking after your interests and acting as your 'troubleshooter' if things start to go wrong?

The only promise I can make is that no work that generates a cost to you would ever be carried out by us, without you knowing the cost, and agreeing to it, in advance.

Send your details through to and we'll do our best to give you an accurate fee quote as quickly as we can.


The Self Build ... A safe pair of hands.