Developer project in Oxfordshire; very tight brownfield site with a pair of semi-detached cottages to go in.

Foundations going in on a small brownfield site.

Storage space is very limited for the frame delivery, the erectors need room for manoeuvre ... and the neighbours still need access.

The sole plates go down ... foundations need to be accurate.

Ground floor walls up on day one ... 

Wiltshire Site; a back garden development, another timber frame project and a very high specification.

Exterior of frame almost complete, but some surprises inside.

There's a complex triple bay roof on the house, the central area is vaulted with oak features.

Traditional oak post and beam structure will support the oak trusses in the central living area.

It's quite unusual to find a timber frame company combining a modern, thermally efficient softwood open panel system with traditional, hand crafted, oak features.